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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about our service

  • Factoring is the advancing of cash based on a business transaction. In our type of factoring, the transaction is represented by the issuance and acceptance of an invoice that we buy in part or in whole within 24 hours. As the owner of the invoice, we manage the collection and insurance for a factoring fee that is paid up front as a small discount on the face value of the invoice, starting from 0.5 percent.

  • We work with you to determine how we should jointly work with your customers and only contact them with your permission. We are highly experienced in working with both great customers and difficult customers that pay late and maintain a professional standard in communications. Depending on our agreement, your customers may see our payment information on the invoice

  • Factoring is a flexible financing facility that grows with your business and is most useful for short-term liquidity, whereas a lending facility is normally inflexible and longer in term. Often you can take a lending facility and pay the interest even if you do not require the whole amount at that time. In accounting terms, a loan means you have an obligation to the lender whereas factoring is off balance sheet and the responsibility of the factoring company.

  • If your customer does not pay and there is no dispute, we will first work with you to collect the payment and if we are not successful the payment is insured, the cost of which is included in the fee. 

  • We are very flexible in our criteria. We service companies at all stages of their growth, companies of various sizes and with differing business models.

  • The application process is quite simple and fast while remaining personal. First you give us basic information on the company annual revenues, amount of factoring required, average amount of time your invoices take to be paid and your company details, filled in online. Within 5 minutes we send you a quote with a fee range. If you agree to the range, we then provide you with a personal account manager to work with you to really understand your business needs and to explain in more detail about debtor and credit management. Your account manager will assist with the boarding process, including the processing of additional information about your company and beneficial owners.

  • The application is processed in one day after receiving the completed application.

  • In order to provide the lowest cost possible for debtor and credit management services, we do require a contract, however the terms are discussed with your personal account manager who will cater to your specific needs.

  • We can provide up to 5 million euros in funding, depending on your needs.

  • You can factor all or a portion of your invoices with us, as agreed with your account manager.

  • We provide up to 100 percent of the invoice less our service fee.

  • You can submit invoices for goods and services rendered and acknowledge as having been delivered.

  • The payout is the same day if submitted before 13:00.

  • Yes you can! We are here to help companies that banks can not.

  • Factris is backed by Speedinvest, Million Monkeys and Optima Investments with a debt facility of up to 100 million euros from a well-known Swiss fund, Ruvercap.

  • We differentiate ourselves with our personal service combined with low cost. Normally companies try to automate the people out of the process, while we provide the automated tools to support our personal account managers so they have time to help you.

  • Our lowest fee rate is 0.5 percent of the invoice value

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